Laboratory Analysis Services

Laboratory Analysis Services for Paper, Board, Nonwovens, Films and other rolled products.

Tapio Measurement Technologies offers laboratory services. Measurement in precision laboratory analyzers at a slow track speed enables millimeter-level sample spacing and high accuracyThe results can be used for quality assessment, troubleshooting, headbox operation analysis, guarantee verification as well as the verification of online QCS systems. 

For the laboratory analysis, either 20+ CD strips (can be hand cut) or an MD roll on a standard 3″ core is needed.  The customer is provided with a detailed report on the findings, including profiles, statistics, spectra etc. as well as an online meeting with Tapio experts to discuss the findings.

Paper and Board Analyzer systems

Tapio Measurement Technologies offers paper machine analyzers and measurement equipment suitable for the precision measurement of almost all paper and board grades as well as other suitable rolled products.

We offer two types of analyzer devices: 
• Tapio Analyzer, a system for analysis of both CD and long MD samples
• Tapio Profiler, a smaller unit for analysis of CD samples and short MD samples

Both analyzers support the same sensors.

Available sensors

Basis Weight Sensor BW

Tapio basis weight sensor

• Various models: Pm-147 for paper grades, Kr-85 for all grades
• Semiconductor detectors
• Apertures starting form 1 mm diameter up to big slot designs
• All Grades, accurate basis weight measurement up to 10 000 samples/m
• Wet end, stock approach, coating problem solutions
• Guarantees (new machines, rebuilds, headboxes)
• Formation measuremnets, flock size analysis
• Verification and calibration of online measurements

Caliper Sensor

Tapio Caliper Sensor

 Small contact area of 0.3 mm
• Standard range up to 500 μm – special up to 800 μm
• For all grades
• Calender, press section problems
• Can be used for printability estimation
• Verification and calibration of online caliper measurements

Gloss Sensor

Tapio Gloss Sensor

• Dual-sided measurement of standard gloss & small scale gloss variation
• Aperture 4×4 mm or 1×1.6 mm
• Standard angle 75° (can be modified upon request) 
• All grades, even base paper
• Calenders, soft/hard/SC
• Press section, rolls, felts
• Coating, backing roll effect verification and identification, size press effects and other
• Small scale gloss variation before and after printing (i.e. gloss mottling studies)
• Verification and calibration of online measurements
• Ideal for paper machine troubleshooting

Ash Sensor

Tapio Ash Sensor

 Fe55 source with seminconductor detector
• 2 selectable apertures, 5 mm and 10 mm
• Coated, filled grades
• Filler content measurement
• Retention problems
• Coat weight, coating weight variation, coater optimization etc.


Tapio Transmission sensor

• 1 mm aperture
• All grades, wavelength selectable white / red / IR
• Press section variations, moisture and temperature related variations 
• Optical formation and flock size analysis
• Importand when calender, press section and wet end effects must be separated from each other

Remission / Brightness

Tapio Remission sensor

 0.3 mm aperture
• Brightness variation of paper
• All grades
• Correlates with coating variations
• Calender blackening studies
• White top board (see-through variation)


Tapio Moisture Sensor

• Near-infrared reflection
• 3 – 20 % moisture content
• Spot diameter 13 mm


Tapio Porosity Sensor

 Air permeability measurement
• Permeability variations
• According to laboratory standards (Bendtsen, Gurley, Bekk, etc.)

Calculated properties

The following properties are calculated from a combination of other measurements:

• Density
• Opacity
• Bone-dry basis weight
• Relative ash (%)

Tapio Analyzers can pinpoint the source of variation

Tapio Analysis can be used to determine which machine elements are causing variations in the end product:
• Stock approach, screens, fan pumps, etc.
• CD Basis Weight Actuators, Jet to Wire Ration, Formation, Wire Uniformity & Marking
• Press vibration problems, Nip pressure uniformity, Felt condition

• CD Moisture and Caliper profiles
• Actuators
• Verification and calibration of QCS and other online measurement systems

• Coaters, Size Presses
• IR Dryers
• CR Coat weight control

• Calendering uniformity
• Calender blackening
• Calender bearing vibration

Contact us ( to proceed with a Tapio Analysis, which we offer both as a laboratory service as well as sell analyzer systems and sensros. 

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