Tapio RQP Live - Leading Innovation in Roll Quality Analysis.

Launch of product in DRUPA Düsseldorf in May 2024. Contact us at info@tapiotechnologies.com to schedule a meeting and demonstration.

The hardness profile of a roll is a great overall measure of roll quality. Common roll faults such as bagginess, rope marks or loose edges are clearly visible in the hardness profile.

Tapio RQP Live allows you to easily distinguish between good and bad rolls to prevent runnability problems in further processing. The device produces an instant high resolution hardness profile, showing the measured roll hardness as a function of distance. The measurement is based on measuring the deceleration of an impact hammer hitting the sample over 30 times per second.

In addition to the hardness profile, the device displays statistical KPI values of the measured roll, allowing for quick and efficient jugdement of the roll quality with a convenient alert limits feature. The device is provided with Tapio RollView, an easy-to-use software for further processing of the measured data on a computer system.


Paper or board rolls, plastic film rolls and rolls of any other material are suitable applications for the Tapio RQP Live. 

Advantages of Tapio RQP Live
Suitable applications for Tapio RQP Live
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Tapio PMA  & TS Profiler

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Tapio PMA & TS Profiler

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