TAPIO® TS Profiler for CD Analysis

TS Profiler with new hardware and new digital measuring system are also available for the owners of the original TS Profiler measurement system. TS Profiler renewal projects are tailored individually, please CONTACT US for further details.

TAPIO® TS Profiler is a cost effective solution for CD and short MD analysis. TAPIO TS Profiler Unit is a "desk top" design and uses exactly the same sensors as the TAPIO® PMA. This means that profiler is easily upgradeable to the PMA if further capabilities are later needed.

What is TAPIO® TS Profiler?

* It is a beta formation tester
* It is an optical formation tester
* It is a gloss mottling tester
* It is a missing dots tester
* It is a wire marking tester
* It is a combined print density and ink amount tester
* It is a Profile and Profile Edge Tester
* It is a Quality Control system
* It is a Troubleshooting system to locate quality variations
* It is a Development System
* It is an Optimization System
* It is a system to better solve customer complaints
* It is a quarantee verification tool
* It is the controlling system for on-line measurements

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