Continuing the success of Tapio RQP v2.0 roll hardness tester Tapio Technologies Oy introduces a new, unique measurement for the roll end profile: the Roll End Profiler.

REP A good paper or film roll end is simple to define. The roll has right shape and size. It is not too hard or soft and there are no visual defects. The roll must work well on converter. However, it is often difficult to meet these requirements and avoid problems before sending tons of bad rolls into the broke or having customer claims. Typical problems are poor starts, core offsets, offsets and interweaving, dished and telescoped rolls etc. Good measurements are the key point.

Roll End Measurement

Measurement Principle There is a line laser pointed to the end of the roll and camera is used to detect when the vertical line is in the middle of the roll. Based on horizontal shape of the line the shape profile of the roll end is calculated. The Tapio REP roll end profiler measures rolls online when they are moving on conveyor without stopping rolls to a certain measurement position.

Measurement Results

Software Overview
Measurement results are handled with the same Tapio V2 software used with other Tapio measurement devices. Suitable applications for the Roll End Profiler measurement:


Portable Version

Camera Tripod A portable version of the Roll End Profiler is also available.
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