TAPIO® TS Profiler for CD Analysis

TAPIO® TS Profiler is a cost effective solution for CD and short MD analysis. TAPIO TS Profiler Unit is a "desk top" design and uses exactly the same sensors as the TAPIO® PMA. This means that profiler is easily upgradeable to the PMA if further capabilities are later needed.

What is TAPIO® TS Profiler?

* It is a beta formation tester
* It is an optical formation tester
* It is a gloss mottling tester
* It is a missing dots tester
* It is a wire marking tester
* It is a combined print density and ink amount tester
* It is a Profile and Profile Edge Tester
* It is a Quality Control system
* It is a Troubleshooting system to locate quality variations
* It is a Development System
* It is an Optimization System
* It is a system to better solve customer complaints
* It is a quarantee verification tool
* It is the controlling system for on-line measurements

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