TAPIO® PapEYE & Mottling Test for Windows 10

Tapio Measurement Technologies Oy introduces upgraded PapEye for Windows 10 for mottling measurement
PapEye offers up to date upgrade for all existing and new customers of Tapio Mottling measurement system.
The module Mottling-Test is a system for computer-based analysis of material surfaces. By using modern mathematical methods, visualization and objective evalution of mottling-effects (cloud formation) and similar marbling effects is possible for the first time

TAPIO PapEye & The module Mottling-Test

No never-ending rows of numbers
The analysis results in a single value that is sufficient for characterizing the intensity of the mottling and the degree of deviation from the stardard. This lets users make direct comparisons of various material samples in the Mottling-Test, draw conlusions regarding sample qualoty, and sort the results of analysis accordingly.

Further evalution included
Of course, for detailed studies, users can also take advantage of other methods of analysis. The results obtained can be processed in tabular form or depicted by concise graphics.

Open management
The Mottling-Test's intergrated database permanently stores allsurface images and results of analysis. Practical classification of the material samples ensures open management even with extensive series of tests. The Mottling-Test is flexible registering the data from the image. And with the hepl of scanners and CCD-Cameras more analysis modules can be integrated, so that the direct use in the production is possible.

Major Features
Surface analysis for detecting and evaluating mottling effects. Computation of the mottling value, which represents a measurement of deviation from the standard Visualization of results. Integrated database for images and results of analysis. Results of analysis can be exported for the use in other programs (e.g. Excel)