Benchmarking & Guarantees

The TAPIO® PMA is considered a very important tool for paper machine (including coater) performance benchmarking, as well as guarantee measurements before and after rebuilds.


Guarantee conditions can be expressed in differents ways depending on the wetend design and paper grade. For wetend rebuilds (and new machine start-ups) typical values and analysis methods used are quantifiying the residual and random variations as well as formation of the paper. Tools available for this purpose include Variance Component Analysis (VCA), optical and beta formation using standard deviation, flock distribution, cumulative distribution and the special TAPIO® Bottom Number index


The TAPIO® PMA analyzer can be effectively used for on-line scanning systems performance guarantees by directly comparing the TAPIO® profiles to the on-line system for shape differences both locally and over the full width. Some mills use TAPIO® PMA for calibration of on-line systems.


The TAPIO® PMA analyzer is used to verify that the coat weight uniformity of a new rebuilt coater, is within specifications. Also calender and sortcalender performance can be verified using the se same techniques. For example one customer relied on the TAPIO® PMA when studying the extent and source for their blackening problem.


Often small scale random variations (such as formation) are difficult to reduce without any major machine rebuilds, but by optimizing the various aspects of papermaking good results can often be achieved. Naturally TAPIO® PMA offers several tools for this as well. Things like jet-to- wire ratio, recirculation valve positions, retention aids, pulp mixtures etc. can be optimized with the advanced diagnostics available with TAPIO® PMA.