TAPIO® Paper Machine Analyzer for Paper Machine Analysis


TAPIO® PMA (Paper Machine Analyzer) measures CD and MD samples as well as printed samples, with very high resolution. These high resolution measurements, supported by sophisticated analysis capabilities, provide the papermaker immediate and easily understandable solutions by indicating the reasons for the quality or runnability problems.

TAPIO® Paper Machine Analyzer

One important TAPIO® PMA (Paper Machine Analyzer) application area is CD profile optimization. For example the following CD related issues can be detected and improved:

* CD variation by CD controls
* Poorly tuned on-line measurement
* Actuator problems
* Streaks
* CD variation caused by wire (forming fabric) showers and
   by wires themselves
* Quantification of CD, MD and residual variation components for fault
   identification and guarantee performance verification
* Unstable CD profiles causing control problems
* Retention problems
* Wet end problems
* Coating problems
* Uneven reel condition

MD variations can cause problems in many critical papermaking areas:

* Runnability
* Paper quality
* Controllability of CD variations
* Limitations on paper machine speed and production capabilities

The types of problems that can be detected with the TAPIO® PMA are for example:

* MD weight variation (possible reasons for wrinkles)
* Calender roll barring
* Long term MD weigth variation caused by control problems
* Combined variations by more than one part (eg. two backing rolls
   or two calender rolls acting together in and out of phase)
* Paper quality variations caused by felts and wires
* High frequency variations caused by suction roll holes (shadow marking), vibrating foils, etc.

The TAPIO® PMA (Paper Machine Analyzer) software incorporates advanced diagnostic features such as patented SOSTM -feature (Separate Original Signal) and automatic peak identification, which allows the user to compare measurement results directly with the actual machine component dimensions and thus identify the specific machine parts causing periodic variations. Further analysis capabilities for random or non-periodic issues are built in.

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