TAPIO Paper Machine Analysis

- Start-ups of New Mills and PMs
- Rebuilds
- Benchmarking & Guarantees
- Optimization
- Troubleshooting

TAPIO Paper Machine Analyzer for Paper Machine analysis
Paper Quality Analysis & Paper Quality Variation Analysis

TAPIO Paper Machine Analysis (PMA) Services Include:

Tapio PMA Services are tailor-made for individiual project needs
- Complete Tapio PMA analysis of:
     - CD High Resolution Profiles
     - MD High Resolution Analysis
     - Individual Paper Sheets
- Before / After Rebuild Comparisons
- Machine Element Search for Locating Systematic Quality Variations
- Customer Specified Reporting

TAPIO PMA Analysis, a List of Measurements:

11 Different Sensors Available for Measurements Such As:
- Basic Weight (beta abs.)
- Caliper (contact)
- Density (calculated)
- Gloss (dual-sided, Tappi)
- Transmission (optical)
- Ash (x-ray abs.)
- Formation (beta & optical)
- Flock Analysis (calculated)
- Porosity (air permeability)
- Moisture (IR, reflection)
- Remission
- Surface Fiber Orientation (dual-sided)
- Printability Studied:
     - Missing Dots
     - Brightness variations
     - Distribution, etc.
     - Calander blackening
     - Wire marking, CD Shrinkage

Application Areas:

TAPIO Paper Machine analysis - Bencmarking & Guarantees

Benchmarking & Guarantees
new machines,comparing machine rebuilds,on-line measurement,CD actuators,felts & wires,finishing,coating chemicals

TAPIO Paper Machine analysis - Optimization Omptimization
formation,jet-to-wire,furnish,MD control,retention,stock approach,recirculation valve,pressing,coating,
calendering,blackening,surface characteristics,print quality,chemistry(neutral/acid)

TAPIO Paper Machine analysis - TroubleshootingTroubleshooting
screens,fan pumps,wires,felts,wet-end rolls,suction hole marking,vibrations,all periodic quality variations,sheet edges,runnability,CD actuators,paper quality

On-Line Sensor Maintenance Before/After Headbox Rebuild Analysis, An Example:

Tapio basis weight CD profile, before build

TAPIO Paper Machine analysis - Before KEY VALUES: -Mean 47.87 g/m2
-Std. Deviation 0.89 g/m2
-Max. 50.22 g/m2
-Min. 44.52 g/m2
-Max-Min 5.70 g/m2

Tapio basis weight CD profile, after build

TAPIO Paper Machine analysis - After KEY VALUES: -Mean 46.77 g/m2
-Std. Deviation 0.47 g/m2
-Max 48.30 g/m2
-Min 45.50 g/m2
-Max-Min 2.80 g/m2

TAPIO Services

- performed at Tapio facilities
- MD Sample, Set of CD Strips (up to 30 strips) or Set of Sample Sheets
- Icludes complete Tapio PMA/Profiler analysis, data intepretation, reporting & conclusions
- 1st analysis credited against rent or purchase
- COMPLETE REBUILD ANALYSIS PACKAGE, please contact for detailed quotation

- 10% of the purchase price per month
- Minimum rental period 3 months, max. 12,5 months
- 80% of the rent credited against purchase
- Quotations upon request

- Quotations upon request

- One engineer on site
- Contact TAPIO for further info

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