TAPIO Measurement Technologies - Manufacturer of Paper Machine Analyzers

TAPIO RQPv2 - Roll Quality Profiler

TAPIO Technologies was established in 1989 to specialize in solving quality and efficiency problems within the paper making industry. Tapio Measurement Technologies Oy of Espoo, Finland continues this work and manufactures and develops the equipment to meet and surpass the standards for the year 2021.

TAPIO products provide information for solving all types of paper machine runnability and quality problems as well as monitoring and optimizing production.

Customers include the paper industry (paper & board machines, coaters), paper industry suppliers (paper machine manufacturers) and paper end users (print houses).The TAPIO PMA analyzer is today used by major paper mills in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

Together with leading pilot application research and development work, TAPIO Measurement Technologies continues to introduce new and innovative technology.